Ktell is the graphic and type design practise of Katharina Köhler. Together with her colleagues Wolfgang Schwärzler and Maurice Göldner she is part of the type design collective and type foundry Camelot Typefaces. Since 2017 she is board member of the KV – Association for Contemporary Art Leipzig.
Figur und Grund, Heinz Hirdina
Vom Zeigen und Schauen, Kulturen des Kuratorischen
Rosart, typeface design, Camelot Typefaces
21,766692 Seconds, HTWK University of Applied Sciences
Vele, Tobias Zielony
Camelot Typefaces, 27th Brno Biennale
The Limited, KV Leipzig, exhibition view
Tal R, Sailaway
Lelo, typeface design, Camelot Typefaces
Julian Irlinger, Byproducts
Schauspiel Stuttgart, season programme, ensemble presentation

Please get in touch, if you would like to have more information: mail(at)ktell.de.
Ktell, Katharina Köhler, Max-Beckmann-Str. 5, DE-04109 Leipzig, Germany

Also visit the instagram sites @ka_tell, @camelot_type, @kv_leipzig.